Monday, August 31, 2009

Poptropica Unseated

So Nic lost computer privileges for being a bonehead in the big city last week. We were gone a lot of the last little while, so really, he didn't feel the sting of the ban.

That is, until today.

We spent the early part of day up at camp, me returning calls and talking to parents while he watched some videos. When we came home, he moaned that he had nothing to do.

The neighbor kids were out. Basically, I made him a deal; you go out there and play, and you can have Poptropica.

"15 minutes," said he.

"30," I answered.

So guess what, he was actually out there closer to 40 minutes, riding his bike, then climbing the tree with younger kid next door. And he came in when he had enough; THEY didn't go in, as per past, he chose to be done.


So, as my sister posited, is it compassion? Or is it guilt?

I say who cares? Today he exercised right of refusal--just like any other kid.

On another note, we played another round of mini golf tonight, and I won, but Nic didn't envy my winning so much as the hole in one I knocked in at the 11th hole (thanks to his choice--and he had a two on that hole).

He wants to get even. I may let him at the end of the week. :)

Oh, and as for Poptropica, his favorite thing? Golfing is his new favorite. Followed by tree climbing.

It's been a VERY cool summer, indeed.

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