Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pondering Much

It's been a busy week and we are shoveling out. The kids are taking a breather in the other room while I think about what I want to say in a few short lines. Today's dad's deathiversary, and something with what strongly resembled his handwriting and no return address showed up in the mail this am.

I guess my puzzled silence concerned DH. "Open it, any idea who it's from?"

Turned out to be a very nice thank you note from Father M for dinner last month. He wrote us a lovely note, too.

Dinner was five weeks ago, and how funny that the note showed up today, of all days.

I'm okay. We've had a very busy week and will have an even busier week ahead as we finish cramming in all the activities we left to the last minute. I just finished up one project and have another waiting in its place (full speed ahead). And the usual stuff to sort out, too, of course.

School in T- 11 days. And we have something doing every day. Perfect.

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