Friday, August 7, 2009

August is the Cruelest Month

I could be referring to the late start of school this year, but I'm not. August is hard for me. Dad's 35 year deathiversary is at the end of the month, and Nic's 7-year dx anniversary is next Saturday.

Nic loves his number 7. And today is his half birthday.

In an effort to shake the funk that's descending, I am spending more time with the boys and appreciating how wonderful they both are. They are both sweet, smart, funny and beautiful. Yeah, okay, they aren't like everyone else, but that's what's so special about them. God broke the mold, both times.

I have plenty to keep me busy. I have a calendar to update, resumes to review, and about a thousand words I need to cut from the article I am working on. The article needs to be off my desk today. And I have about six months worth of correspondence to catch up on, and oh yeah, getting my phone expenses done (now over a year in collection) would probably be a good idea.

So the money hand off over the bike went off fine, and Nic took the life lesson better than I thought he would.

Sharkbait, the little catfish that came with Nic's fish tank, died the other night. He was a cool little fish and I am probably more bummed about his demise than the kids are.

After Nic's program next week, we'll have three weeks before school opens. Not sure what we'll do with it, but the way things have been filling up, I'm not all that concerned. We have a lot of good friends and good people in our lives. The boys have had a great summer, lots to do, and even if we lie low the next few weeks, it'll be good recharge time for them both for the year ahead.

Ahead for the fall: soccer, scouts, swimming, and I think they will both be taking canoeing lessons--kayak once they've mastered the canoe. I'm on the fence still about basketball, and I guess we'll wait and see how the bus works out.

I really do have mixed feelings about that portion of the program, but we'll see.

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