Sunday, August 9, 2009

Loves Me My Anonymity

We went to the Kindergarten Mixer at Please Touch Museum yesterday. They had an awesome resource fair, giveaways, and of course free entrance to the Museum.

It was a zoo. But it was a glorious zoo. And it didn't occur to me until this am that this is probably the first NON special needs freebie fest we've ever gone to.

What it means: I didn't know another soul outside of my own family.

Not STRICTLY speaking true--there was one or two people I knew, or at least looked familiar to me, but being there as 'private citizen' as opposed to N & G's mom (which is how I'm identified these days), I preferred to keep a low profile rather than draw attention to the fact that we were there. I think my family preferred that, too.

And the lack of accommodations mattered not--the kids were in the thick of things and having a blast. I was amazed that Nic liked it as much as he did. G was a bit overwhelmed by the crowds and noise, but he had fun, too.

So scratch the previous entry in a way. All the other stuff I beat my head against the wall make this kind of thing possible. That's why I do it. There is a payoff.

Sometimes the payoff is not immediately apparent, however. Especially when my older one starts caterwauling over the stupid Wii.

We capped it off by dinner in Manayunk. It was a pretty cool day.

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