Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pilgrim, That's Gonna Cost Ya

I'm sorry, did I actually write here that summer playground was going swimmingly?


(ahem) k, so I drop Nic off this am when the head counselor accosts me with "I need to talk to you."

Any conversation that begins this way is usually fated to head due south.

"Um, okay?" Nic had headed over to the other kids but stopped in his tracks and looked sheepishly around at me. And all I can think is "oh, sh*t, what did you do NOW?"

So I hear a buzz of words, am able to pick out "bike," "accident," "tire knocked off," "stuff happens." I glance at a receipt shown me, dated Tuesday at a bike shop next town over for $21.40. I take the phone number proferred and say I'll work it out.

Nic throughout is hugging me, apologizing, and I tell him we'll discuss this later.

I get back into the van and start muttering to myself. How am I going to broach this conversation? DO I bring up autism? Well, no. Nic was just being a bonehead and he likes to crash into things. Sensory input or not, he knows better. And he was just in the damned pool, so don't talk to me about him needing input.

"Who are you talking to?" G asks from the back seat. I forgot he was there. I drop him off and start talking to myself anew.

By the time I get up to camp, I'm ready to turn this over to hubby. Who is not answering either phone.

I sigh, dial the other dad's number, get him on the line and ask "So okay, what did they tell you?"

It's not his son's bike, but his son was riding it. The other dad had in mind to hit G (dad I was talking to) for $20 and me for $50.

"I saw the receipt, it was for 21.40," I noted.

"I know, so I figured we'd split it," he said. "I was hoping he didn't get you for the $50."

I laughed. "My son's bike was $30 new and I got it for 10 used, no freaking way is this guy getting $50."

G laughed too. "Yeah, he thinks Tony Hawk gave it to him personally."

"Tell you what," I said. "I'll pay you at pick up today. I'll ask you to let me do this in front of Nic, because accident or not, things cost, you know? And this is going to cost him, and I want him to see how and why it works."

"Good idea, my son will be there, too."

We hung up. He wants to split it, but I'll cover it. I'm glad his kid was riding the bike, because otherwise I'd be dealing with the rip off artist. I figure the least I can do is cover the bill--he actually got the bike fixed.

Ah, Nic. Never a dull moment with you, kid.

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