Sunday, August 30, 2009

Believe it.....Or Not......

One of my biggest problems in the arena of human interaction is that I can be torturously slow.

I can't even begin to count how many conversations I've had with people that have started (with them saying to me) "Well, I *tried* to tell you......"

Usually said conversation is a result of me turning around and asking whomever I am talking to if they would please take that knife out of my back, and "by any chance, does it belong to you?"

People tend to take advantage of my good nature. One person ripped me off, and her co-conspirator threatened me with all variety of violence if I even thought of seeking recompense. (I let it go--the cost and effort of pursuing justice outweighed the benefits, and I'm sure that's why what happened, happened) Their PR campaign was impressive, well organized, and in the end, I saw I never had a chance.

Then there was another 'friend,' tangeantally related to the first two, who apparently saw 'Pigeon' written all over me and was quite incensed when I pointed out that her stories weren't adding up.

I'm trusting to a fault. Or I used to be.

Then there is a current situation that I'm dealing with; one friend tells me that she "told me so," even though she didn't really and should know me well enough to know that short, direct, precise language works best when talking to me, especially about things that matter.

Thinking about something that happened last week that obliquely relates; DH, kids and I were in Baltimore on our way back to our hotel, when we were accosted by a young man who first said that he had a question, wouldn't come any nearer....then said forget it and disappeared into the night.

Two mornings later, he showed up at our hotel looking for a free breakfast. I stared hard at him, because I recognized him. DH asked me what was wrong; I answered that we saw that guy the other night.

We had an extra breakfast coupon, and DH, maybe misunderstanding my perturbation, went over and slipped it to him. He got his hot breakfast and ate like a king. And was quite obvious about it.

He bothers me for a few reasons. His hair was cut close, even though he had a beard, leading me to think that there is something weird about this otherwise well-to-do looking guy in skanky clothes. Recently reduced circumstances? Drugs? Entitlement?

DH felt good about helping him, but I'm not sure we were right in helping him.

I haven't discussed this with him because I can't articulate my own misgivings. Just something about us looking like easy marks, and people taking advantage, because they can, and because we let them.

Thinking again of some one who tried to 'friend' me on FB, even though I know person harbors nothing but hate in said heart for me. But again, operating from what this person knew about me 'then', where does the blame lie?

I must have 'Welcome' stamped on my forehead. As time goes on, the smile leaves, and F*** Off is in its place.

I'm not bitter. Just amazed. Some people have no shame.

And they just keep on keeping on.

More power to them.

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