Monday, August 10, 2009

Managing my Expectations

So I dropped Nic off for day 1 of his program with a song in my heart and a skip in my step. His friend B was there, as was his brother. Some one to sit with, and his friend, no less. Kewl.

So I was writing the blog I wanted to write in my head on my way to the office. It took me about a half hour to unwind and think hard about what I was going to say.

After all, what if I got here with a triumphant post and then got a phone call to pick him up?

So I sat tight. Went to get him at the end of the program. Good news, he was still in his seat, bad news, B & Bro were no longer sitting with him (but he was sitting with a couple other kids).

And oh yeah, he was perched like a bird in his seat, feet on chair, sort of facing backwards.

Not a screaming triumph, but not a train wreck, either.

A year ago he couldn't have done this. Maybe in a year he'll be awesome.

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