Friday, October 8, 2010

Turning the other cheek on a new moon

I hate when my Do Not Engage alarm goes off.

I went to bed last night thinking it should have been Friday night instead of Thursday, since my week starting Sunday has been tense and emotionally fraught on every imaginable level. It's been an awesome, beautiful and rewarding week, but intense, emotionally charged and exhausting.

The email that came at noon yesterday iced the cake, from a former friend who betrayed me six ways to Sunday, to whom I gave multiple chances, and she blew every last blessed one. I thought I had said goodbye to her for good years ago,

Yet she shows up via email, ostensibly to tell me something I already knew, probably looking to dig up and throw more dirt.

So I asked my network, what would you do? How would you respond to some one who has exhausted your goodwill in every imaginable way?

Half told me to delete. The other half told me to rip her a new one.

I did neither. I was proud of my response, which was short, sweet, and on point.

And I strongly suspect was not what she was looking for.

Oh well. Have a nice life.

And go pick on some one your own size.

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