Saturday, October 23, 2010

Constant Motion

We've had a long intense week. Too much reflection here will cause me to curl up sobbing and fetal under furniture, which is not useful or productive.

The good news is that I think I figured out a solution to my faith formation problem, which came from the unlikeliest of circumstances. And I made a conscious decision to stop apologizing for Nic's behavior--he's at a point where he can (and should) own it.

Make or break moments come unexpectedly; I believe this qualifies. And he actually came through it magnificently.

The most important thing we all learned this week is that Nic's underlying issue is his anger at my returning to work. And as I told his team, he needs to accept that we all work or go to school, we all do the best we can, we all treat one another with respect and dignity, and all behavior counts at all times.

I believe my words made a difference, because he turned a corner yesterday at school.

He'll be fine.

So will I, if I survive him.

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