Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pride goeth.....somewhere

So I was thinking that we are at a good place in life if I am at such a point that I can think of both boys' faith formation. Sunday provided me a couple nice surprises, namely that Nic can and will follow mass if he has a missalette (he followed more than half the mass last Sunday), and that Gabriel already knows the Hail Mary.

PREP is a challenge for G, though. The room is loud and echoey, there are kids who are loud, and the teacher can't throw her voice to all corners of the room. Suboptimal sitch, but we'll work with it.

So lest I get too full of myself and my kids, Nic's had a rough couple of days at school. It's partly him, partly everyone else. He's going through a touchy period that makes it hard for him to roll things off his back as usual, and it's gotten him in hot water two days running.

Hoping tomorrow is better. Some days are like this. Just hope it's a short streak.

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