Sunday, October 31, 2010


I learned a few things from the wild and woolly week from hell:

1) EVERYTHING looks hopeless through the lens of PMS
2) My kid still looks for loopholes, and I need to shut those down
3) The new principal ROCKS! She has taken ownership of her school and insists that everyone else does, too--in short, she totally walks the walk...AWESOME!
4) I can still be articulate and polite in the face of my own emotional meltdown
5) I need to lean on EVERY ONE to get this house to roll a little differently.
6) Some people will tell you exactly what you want to hear to get you to do stupid things. And even if you DO stupid things as a result, most people will give you a bye, but ALL people will definitely give you a bye if you OWN it.

I am grateful for the leaf drop that happened this week, because I love the hard physical work out that comes with raking leaves. It really helps my head when my body gets a good work out.

It all comes out in the wash. One way or another.

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