Thursday, October 14, 2010


I need to start running again. Walking doesn't cut the mustard. Metabolism post 40th is not a pretty thing. And I can't believe that walking 6+ miles a day isn't making a damn bit of difference.

It's been a pretty intense week here at autism central. Hubby's been in Asia, and we have been full of nonstop karate-chop action since last Thursday night; soccer practice, dinner out with friends, pizza and Phillies with bro and SIL, swimming, soccer, more soccer and overnight tent camping with the scouts, church, Sunday school, Franklin institute, elevator adventures, FWSP and the Hawk Platform, more elevator adventures, TOPSoccer under the lights, boys to work with me, Valley Forge, KoP, and I HAVE LOST MY VOICE.

I'm so glad the nor'easter canceled soccer tonight. I wouldn't have been able to coach with this frog in my throat, anyway.

Just a few notes on the coolness of the boys. Nic and M had some nice interactions at camp over the weekend. That was such a nice time that I wish we did that every weekend. The boys had a great time. And I talked to M's dad, and things are cool there. I think there is an opportunity for the boys to be friends, but it's not something I am going to try to force.

Nic saw B at TOPSoccer the other night (his mom was running the snack stand), and was very pleased to introduce B to his TOPSoccer buddies. How cool is this? Nic was proud of his friends, and I love the fact that he doesn't differentiate his friends by their abilities or labels. He just does not see people that way. What a wonderful world it would be if all people could see the world like that--no us and them, just us.

Love it.

G has decided he is done with the small bus. And I am making sure that he and his decision are supported on all sides.

My kids hit the proverbial wall with all the busy-ness of the week. I am letting them veg and making pizza. Which won't help my carb argument, but tomorrow is another day.

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