Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am just wiped out. MIL has been here a week, and all the consequences of that, plus sick hubby, clingy kids, and work that needs to be done, has left me drained. I should be working on my next article, but I am too tired and distracted to think about it. And the draft has to be done Monday, since I start working temp FT on Tuesday.

I’m kind of excited about that, even though I haven’t mentioned it to anyone but K and hubby. It was an opportunity that literally dropped from the sky. Some one called me out of the blue to work for a pharma over in Chester county, and before I knew it, it was a done deal.

I had a FT offer about two years ago from AZ and it didn’t feel right, so I turned it down. This is just running until the end of April, longer if I (and they) want. I want to give it a shot, see how it is, and then figure it out.

I always get what I need when I need it. We are cash poor, and we have taxes coming up, so this gig will cover that nut at least. I’ll finish this latest article this week and have JS assign me another. And I’ll work on knocking on other doors. I’m glad I have serviceable skills; it makes it pretty easy to get good paying work as I need it.

But what do I actually want to do when I grow up? I have no idea. I have the classic portfolio career at this time; I have articles, interviews and blogs published; I have four years’ experience reviewing resumes for an Ivy League graduate school; I have been presenting to parents and training the trainers for nearly seven years. And of course there is my advocate/Sherpa/confidante role I’ve played for nearly a decade.

The truth is, I like what I do, as I do it. I like that I am not easily defined. And I love that I love what I do—all of it.

Kind of thinking that I am living my best life now and doing exactly as I am meant to be doing.

But I wish I could shake the exhaustion that comes with a MIL visit. I know I will be expected to take her in to Costco while hubby waits in the car tomorrow. I will be paying for this visit until the bitter end.

But hopefully, this will be it for a while. And if hubby asks me again any time in the next couple of months, I get to say no.

Sitting outside the boys’ locker room, waiting for my sons to come out after their lesson. Would I be stupid to say we’ve turned a corner and that Nic has actually shown what he is capable of?

If they move them both up, I think we’ll do another session, otherwise, we’ll try the Y.

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