Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good Vibrations

A friend sent me a link with a note: this takes some time to get into, but this lady knows what she is talking about.

I had to agree. There is a blog I wanted to write on this very subject, but I didn't know where to start; that video is as good a place as any.

This is a fact; whenever my boys and I walk into a new church, we are always approached to take part somehow in the service. Usually, they are asked to carry up the gifts; this past Sunday, I was asked to serve as an usher.

I don't know that women do that, but hubby didn't want to, so I did it.

Nic was jealous. I told him he could have a job in church when he gets a little older.

There was another time about a year ago that we went to a mass in town, just me and my little guys, and there was a friar in the back. He asked the boys to take up the gifts. And he had a particular eye on us throughout the mass.

It made me uncomfortable, because Nic was not having a particularly good day.

BUT. He came up after, asked us to come back again, and blessed them both.

Which begs the question: are they closer to heaven? Is there something that physically marks them, or how do people just KNOW?

I am aware of the whole predator thing, and making my kids wise to predators has been job one. And both my boys have an almost uncanny knack for knowing good--and bad--when they see it.

It's really up to me to make sure those powers stay sharp. Whatever they are.

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