Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Quiet Mind

I just spent the last hour clearing off the front walk and driveway in the silence of the falling snow. I get tired of getting stuck indoors and like the workout that comes with clearing snow.

The rest of my family, however, are changelings. Two of three of them are sitting in front of computer screens; the third is upstairs reading to himself at top volume.

Just wanted to look back at the week and admire my older boy--first-time member of his IEP team this week. He told me he was done OT on Tuesday night; I asked him if he was prepared to tell the team himself at Wednesday's meeting. He said yes.

I emailed ahead. Not thinking too hard about the eyerolls that email generated.

Anyway, Nic did great; he signed in, said his piece, and both the data and the OT herself supported his position. OT consult written in, session to be replaced with cross-discipline work in inferencing and problem-solving.

A few loose ends remain, but I sent an email out to his team to address those.

G didn't qualify for ESY. I think I am actually okay with that.

I finished my project, emailed it, and have to think about what I will be doing next. A path is suggesting itself, but I have to do some due diligence before I pursue it. Trolling for some writing and training in the meantime.

Oddly, the way ahead seems quiet, but I am okay with that. I'll be poised, listening, waiting for instruction.

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