Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Something about snow falling outside and the fact that the world has temporarily stopped puts me in a thoughtful mood. Hubby and I talked about the fact that we saw Nic differently; as impressed as I am with his progress, hubby remains disappointed with how far behind he is.

Actually, given the fact that I realized that Nic may never communicate when he was dx'ed, considering that he is flying so close to 'normal' is nothing short of miraculous and triumphant. Make no mistake, there is no denial here. I am well aware of all the ways he continues to come up short, and all I can say is that he is working hard in those areas, and I'm doing all I can to help him acquire those skills.

But damn. I was all but bursting with pride while he was getting his hair cut yesterday. He sat straight up in his chair, chatting with a new hairdresser, telling her how he wanted his hair cut and answering questions about school.

So normal. Yet right there in my mind's eye was a speechless preschooler who had to be held down to keep from hitting the hairdresser and biting his own hands and wrists. Over time, he learned to sit quietly in my lap, then in a booster seat and then in a chair, part of it was the consistency of the same person cutting his hair, in the same chair, and the promise of chicken fingers and french fries if he sat still and behaved.

Now, we get good results for the sake of good results.

And although we have school work still to do, I am happy with the simple fact that, for the first time ever, both boys made valentines for everyone in their class. Nic has never done it before, and I took advantage of the fact that he was doing them to push G to do a set for his room.

Wow. Just like everyone else.

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