Friday, January 15, 2010

Unfinished Business

I didn't get anything done this week I would get paid for (oh wait, yes I did, have to send article and invoice today! :)), but this was one of those weeks where I did not waste time; I made connections. I listened. Took copious mental notes. And here are some challenges ahead:

1) Help get our Special Olympics team back on track
2) Make sure the boys succeed in their new swimming venue and lessons
3) Get back our camp
4) Get back our camp
5) Get back our camp

I crashed the gala last night and didn't get thrown out. Instead, it was a bit like old home week, but again, I sense a 'last time'. Oh, my heart just breaks. I need to duct tape it together long enough to get together with my other moms and fix this.

On some level, I have to accept that I may not be able to. But I can't NOT try.

Nic's back in business on the bus--we've had a good week. G had a rough time yesterday, and I sent his teacher detailed instructions on what to do next time (hint: do not drag him kicking and screaming back to class; instead, give him a minute to pull himself together).

This week was good for my soul. I reconnected with quite a few people, including one of my bestest friends on the planet while I was in grad school. I connected with a mom who gets me better than I thought anyone could. And of course I am reminded yet again of what's important, what I need to think about and what I need to do.

There was not a wasted moment this week. I go forward with purpose and hope.

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