Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Heart and Hands Open to Receive

I wanted to know what next last week. And the answers came faster than I can process them.

I'm working to turn around an article--draft out of here late today/early tomorrow. I have two firm speaking engagements with another five tentatively scheduled. And there's a bullying prevention training program that I will apply for.

Meanwhile, Nic continues to amaze. I made a nonprefered dinner last night, and he actually ate everything on his plate--not ALL of it, but a few bites of rice, a few bites of meat, and all of his broccoli. Huge. I think I am going to have to insist that here on out, both boys will eat whatever I put in front of them--because I know they actually will.

Nic wrote an essay that the teacher felt moved to call me to tell me what a great job he did, and that she read it out loud to the class. He is also needing fewer prompts to get work done during the day. AND he actually wore a button-down shirt and slacks (he is playing a businessman in a play his class is doing--I stowed his tie in his pocket and a 'normal' shirt for him to change into when he's done).

Everything has its own order. Sometimes, I just have to let it go, and let what needs to happen, happen.

This is hard for a control freak like me, it's but becoming easier as I see the results--and trust in them.

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