Friday, January 8, 2010

Latest Lessons from Bullying

What was interesting about the phone call that started my blog yesterday was what preceded the accusation:

"He's special needs"

"We're not allowed to say anything."

Meaning, whoever was doing the bullying knows the rules.

If Nic had not burst into the house crying at the very moment I was on the phone with this parent, it would have been what is becoming a typical situation; bullies don't get caught because the person least likely to do the bullying is the actual perpetrator.

And Nic would have gotten detention, because it was essentially two against one.

I'm actually beyond angry.

I can't even name it.

Timing may have saved my kid's neck, but how many out there are waiting for salvation?

In Nineteen Minutes, the gunman just wanted the bullying to stop.

And that made him a monster.

I just see the trajectories, and it makes it very hard to sleep at night.

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