Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Okay, Bullies, Time's Up!

Nic is going to the principal again tomorrow because the same damn kids keep harassing him.

I think hubby is going to make a house call, as well.

I am really irritated that this persists. The kids clearly aren't intimidated by the consequences, so I am thinking it is time to up the stakes.

(Putting concerned--or perhaps overly UNCONCERNED parents on notice--fix this or expect it to get dealt with by in school suspensions)

Nic is dealing with this well, but why should he be dealing with it at all?

Spent today at a funeral and with the bereaved. Tomorrow I'll be back on the stick trying to get a place for the Special Olympic team that was displaced by financial ruin to swim. Already putting pieces in place for both boys' placements next year.

Ugh. And I am losing my voice on top of everything. I hope to ship my article tomorrow and get rolling on some new projects.

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