Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy holidays

It's been a nice week off, but reality recommences in less than 48 hours.

Which is fine, I'm ready.

So this year I am going to procrastinate less and get things done a bit more quickly and efficiently. And I am getting back to my regularly scheduled clothes size (not too far off and doable, thanks to the Wii Fitness kit I got for Christmas--I've already logged 12 hours and lost 2 lbs)

Nic spent most of the time off computer, which is good. They've both done a lot of reading this past week. Not much in the way of socializing but that's fine. I still have to work out the pool problem. I guess I'll deal with that this week.

I want to have my article shipped by Wednesday. And hopefully, I'll be ahead of the curve for the rest of the year.

Personal relationships--meh, I'm in a good balance coming in. I need to spend more solo time with hubby, so I will work on making that happen.

I don't take anyone for granted. I don't plan on changing that.

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