Friday, May 22, 2009

Onward and Upward

On Wednesday, we had muffins with mom at Nic’s school. So I drove him in and as we were walking toward the school he reached for my hand. I told him it wasn’t cool to hold mom’s hand. He gave me a look that was as funny as it was beautiful—it said “You really think I care what anyone thinks?”

And he took my hand with an expression that said “and that’s that.”

So when we got inside, I had the usual angst about whether we would sit alone, and a little girl from his class waved him over. Conveniently, her mom was the other room mom, so I had some one to talk to, too. We chatted until her little guy wanted his seat back (handy enough, Nic was starting to look stressed that I wasn’t sitting with him) and Nic and I watched people come and go, and a couple of his friends stopped over to say hello (We saw B and his mom, but I’m not sure whether they didn’t see us or chose not to see us). Then we walked down to his class and I talked to the sub running his class (his teacher is out all this week with a strained back), who’s known Nic since K, and she made it a point to tell me how well he’s been doing.

Meanwhile, he was at the teacher’s desk, messing with the calendar cubes. :/

A lot going on. G’s IEP is next week, I got his ER, and the word ‘aggressive’ appears four times. In G’s report. Yes, MY G.

So I saw the psych Tuesday, and she gave me copies (even though she’s not supposed to) of how my responses to a survey put him at risk for hyperactive, impulsive and aggressive behavior (impulsive yes, the others, no). SO I am welcome to add my own anecdotal input to his ER, which I am going to do.

I also met with Miss Maggie because aggressive’ came up in her part of the report. Turns out the G goes after one boy in his class, and she’s not sure why. Good luck in getting any input here from G.

So, she explained that to me, I explained that to the psych, and she told me to add that to my anecdotal stuff.

G will be at his home school in the fall with support. He shows readiness for K. But I can already see he has stuff in his way regarding his ability to learn, but I guess I’ll drive off that bridge when I get there.

Neighbor kids. They really will be the death of me. Gabriel is now aggressively (ha) trying to push in, and of course he is getting pushed out. He doesn’t understand why, and his feelings are hurt. But I will allow him to keep trying, because if I make a big deal of saying no, he’s just going to fixate on it/them. They are jerks to him and it makes my blood boil.

Nic, on the other hand, sees the head mean girl and says “V’s out. I’m going inside.” LOL

But G wants to play with the kids. DH and I exchange looks and he tells me to let him go. So G goes. I’m not happy to let him. Long story short, I ended up going to bail him out. He called out “Goodbye everyone, I have to go in to dinner!”

Not one of them responded. There were like 10 of them. Jerks.

The battle for acceptance and against ignorance continues....

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