Monday, May 25, 2009


Just had a pretty funny conversation with DH about UP. I think it's the best movie Pixar has done yet; he thinks Ratatouille is the best one.

I had a pretty complex list of reasons for my choice--so much so that my DH apologized to me for not agreeing, which I thought was pretty funny.

"Why are you apologizing?" I wanted to know. I was enjoying the debate.

He just shrugged.

I laughed. "Are you afraid I'll call you stupid if I don't agree with you?" I had a relationship like that with some one else--except I was the one getting called stupid when I disagreed.

He replied "THAT would never happen."

And he's right. And the vice is definitely versa.

Which is why we have a relationship that is old enough consume alcohol....

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Anonymous said...

You and your DH are a couple who have got "this relationship thingY" straightened out.

Long may you rein, Mr. & Mrs.!