Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gabe at the 12 Foot Wall

So now I have two deep water swimmers. I said this would be the year it happened, and for once, I was right.

Just passed a crazy busy week and weekend. Weekend was packed: fishing, UP preview (what an awesome movie, and the kids want to see it again), Costco, soccer and wrap up, graduation party, rocket launches with Nic's pack, library, bag sale and more fishing (I caught 3 of the 5 total we bagged, plus I was the one who figured out where they were biting--feeling pretty pleased).

Nic forgot his homework folder last night (turned out he had a sub), so we improvised a study guide for his science test and he did math. Having a rough time with division, so we'll be working a little extra in the coming week. He says his favorite sports are fishing, swimming, soccer, basketball and track. And he met a couple 'girlfriends' at the graduation party last weekend. Girls like him. I think he is figuring out that he likes girls, too.

Gabriel found himself in the deep end with Mr. V during swim practice last night. While he didn't screech too much, he's not talking to Mr. V. But he went to the deep end wall twice--a first. He treads water great, but he still swims like a pencil.

Working on a presentation to give tonight, another on Thursday, and have another article in the hopper. Plus the other stuff. And an IEP meeting coming up for G next week, so plenty to keep me going.

And Memorial Day is Monday already....wow....

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