Friday, May 29, 2009

G's Transitional IEP to K Today

SO, meeting in a little more than an hour and I am not sure how ready I am. Nic in so many ways is so 'typical' in his autism, and G just colors way outside the lines. I am not all that confident that they will figure out how to teach him, because I'm not even sure how he learns what he learns.

He's not reading yet, although he does recognize visuals (he built an ant farm with DH just looking at the diagrams in the instruction book--and had a better idea of how it all fit together than DH did). But his audiological processing is WAY off and he needs to gallop to and fro to process new info.

He also seems painfully aware of what he DOESN'T know.

Nic OTOH has finished up an awesome year. He is now swimming in deep water, swimming 50 meters at a shot at a pretty good clip, making friends, becoming (slightly) less obsessed with elevators and ran track with the CYO this spring.

Overall, both kids are doing well, and I'm happy about that. But I'm tired of dealing with ignorant parents who think autism is contagious and that my kids need to be shipped somewhere else. Kicking and screaming will the foolish be dragged into the 21st century....

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