Monday, May 25, 2009

At Long Last Dug Out

Probably for the first weekend in months we have no plans. So we've been having a bit of a staycation and getting stuff done. I mean, really, clearing out, not just stuffing stuff in a box and stashing it.

That means taking the seven years of files since Nic was dx'ed and putting his IEPs and communication between me and his various therapists over the years, going through Gabriel's 4 years in the system and figuring which IEP print outs were redundant (the IEP where we reinstated all services two years ago was a freaking train wreck--reading my emails between me and the SPEDWitch reminded me just how badly they screwed up serving my little guy, and reminds me that I have to be ready for anything this Friday.

It was instructive to read through Nic's IEPs too--there was a lot I screwed up from inexperience, but I feel MUCH better prepared for G's transitional IEP to K. He is much different from Nic, but I am a much more competent member of the IEP team now, too.

It'll be fine.

But on the other front, I'm putting my plan into place about educating about autism. It's a two-part plan; the letter to the head will go this week as planned. I am working with a couple other moms on meeting with the powers that be, too. And I am also planning to meet with the principal at Nic's (and soon to be G's) school.

Time for Phase II. It's a measure of success that I can actually think of these things now.

Of course if they want to put all the ASD kids in the same 4th grade class, that's going to be another battle.


I went to 7 am mass yesterday and got a chance to talk to Father Mike briefly. He seemed really glad to see me and I think we might have him plus K and Al over for dinner on a Saturday in a few weeks.

Just felt good to see him, like an energy boost. I needed that.

The kids have been chattering about UP since the screening the other week. I think we might be making a couple trips to see it in the theatres. And that was a first, BTW, seeing a movie in a theatre, for both of them. And what a great experience.

I can't wait to see it again, too.


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As I began to read your post I noticed that it didn't talk about extras but that it talk about the wonderful spirit you have. I sincerely wish you and your family happy days and wonderful moments. It's people like you that keep our world balanced.

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Elizabeth said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! I still do extra work as long as it's local (Philadelphia area).

Thank you, you totally made my day!