Sunday, March 27, 2011

Walking Placidly Among the Noise and Haste

I should be in a snit.

Had a third "I would hate to have to suspend him" talk with the program director on Friday, and it is not looking good for my elder boy. But as I said to her, and I know it to be true, in the grand scheme of things, it is not a big deal.

I did not lose my temper when I had to sign the incident notebook a second time in less than a week. I remained calm while Nic repeatedly screamed at me, "You are throwing a fit!"

"No, I am not throwing a fit," I repeatedly responded. "I am standing here calmly and telling you in a quiet voice what is going to happen as result of you flinging yourself on the ground and screaming like a three year old. Which, by the way, Nic, is a fit--which is what you threw."

I haven't quite figured out what I am going to do about this, yet. He remains grounded for the forseeable.

Track was canceled on account of the cold today, so unexpectedly, our day is open. I see hiking in our immediate future.

I'm not sure to what I owe my calm. Maybe that we've been so busy has helped me to stay focused. We've had a packed weekend so far, and running around from place to place has been a good distraction. I lectored this morning, and my class was a good one--talked to the kids about making good choices, and we had a lively discussion and a lot of fun.

I'm feeling a sense of peace and calm that I have never felt in my entire life. Serenity is a gift, and I feel like it has been delivered me in abundance.

To what--or whom?-- do I owe that?

Of course this is a rhetorical question. I know the source. And I am infinitely grateful for once again receiving the perfect gift, the perfect fit, and at the perfect time.

Have a beautiful week.

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