Saturday, March 5, 2011

Not feeling guilt

I am sitting with my feet up on the desk and looking out my office windows. I'd feel guilt about sitting here and indulging in a few lines if I didn't already clean the downstairs, do three loads of wash, sort the bills and run to the bank.

The guilt, of course, is not in the sitting, but in letting the kids watch Night in the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian for the 50th time.

Actually, I can't even feel bad about that. They've had very little hang/down time in the last two weeks, and we're headed out for swimming and hiking in another hour or so and tomorrow is church, PREP and Nic's first swim meet. We had a great time skiing yesterday, and I'm happy to report that the kids have another thing they are both finding that they are good at. I was sorry to miss bowling yesterday, but I think the four of us needed a ditch day, and yesterday was perfect.

Well, maybe perfect is too strong a word. The snowing conditions were less than optimal (slushy and icy in all the wrong places), and the first couple of hours were a little frustrating as a result. We broke for lunch and figured out a new strategy; Nic would ski with me, and dad would work with G.

Actually, that worked great; Nic and I had a number of excellent runs, and he beamed with pride when I made my first successful (meaning: remaining upright) run. I flamed out spectacularly a few times (my barking shoulder, collarbone, knee, hip and wrist remind me that I did), but I didn't break ANYTHING, and as far as that goes, I think I did fine.

As a point of pride, the only time I wiped out coming off the lift was out of my control; Nic forgot himself, grabbed my arm, and his skis tangled in mine and took us down (I heard later that every time he and dad got off the lift this happened). It didn't happen again.

He promised us 2 more runs after lunch; we got 10 out of him.

I relieved dad of G duties so he could get in a few runs on his own; he had a blast.

And a good time was had by all.

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