Tuesday, March 1, 2011

(It's a Good) Overload

I used to think that township sports were the only game in town. Fortunately, my thinking was wrong. Unfortunately, in my enthusiasm, I overenrolled my kids in spring activities.

Honestly, I don’t know what I was thinking. Scouts, swimming, soccer, track and bowling? I guess I expected more things to crater. We haven’t gotten to track yet, so that could very well be a nonstarter.

We crammed a lot in the last couple of weeks, and looking ahead, we’re booked with activities well into April. We tried skiing last week and are fitting in another run before the thaw; bowling has introduced new friends; Nic crossed into Boy Scouts last week at the
banquet; his investiture into his new troop is next Monday; he’s also volunteered to be on stage crew for his school’s talent show; his first swim meet is this weekend.

Prep goes well for G; working on getting Nic up to speed with his sacraments.

And camping, and hiking, and fishing, and kayaking—the possibilities are endless. I wanted to also throw in rock-climbing, but that might have to wait. We have gotten in some bouldering at Hawk Mountain a couple weeks ago; we might do some more of that
locally in the coming weeks.

The sunshine, the promise of spring, reminds me that possibilities are only limited by my imagination.

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