Monday, November 8, 2010

Life Lessons Learned

In volunteering for multiple things, I've learned a couple things that I am good at:

1) I've been pretty good at coaching soccer; my gift has been finding what my players are good at and assigning roles that work for them. As a result, they've been a pretty good team. Even Gabriel had things to bring to the table.

2) I'm much better at teaching Sunday school now than I was four years ago. I was all about the book four years ago; now I bring hands on activities for the kids and make them think of their spirituality in analogous terms. And this is working for the boys, too.

3) Not taking to den leadership so much, but I only had one meeting.

And I still lector and do as much as I can in other ways. I find it keeps me honest and on my toes.

I was stressing about something this afternoon that ultimately is nothing to stress about. Almost in response, I noticed the brilliant light against the charcoal clouds as the sun set, reminded yet again that I can't fret too much over things in this world. I was excited about the skies, and the colors, and couldn't wait to pick up the boys so I could show them.

Nic was happy to see me, and he and G gathered up their things and patiently humored me while I went on and on about the skies. Nic ho-hummed until he saw the rainbow.

G stood up and looked at it for a long time.