Tuesday, November 9, 2010


It all began with "Holy crap!"

Actually, it began before that, but this was where I came in. Nic said it when we came home yesterday, then several times over the course of the evening. I said nothing, thinking a) he could be saying worse and b) if I drew attention to it, I'd hear more of it. Finally, hubby (with a mouth on him like a longshoreman) called Nic on it shortly before bed.

While he lectured, I thought about it and asked what I thought was a logical question. "So where did you hear that, Nic?"

"From the kids in my class who are not my friends," he answered. "They say it when I chase them."

Hmm. "Okay, so what are you doing chasing these kids who aren't your friends, Nic?"

Oops. Nic shuts down, realizing that he may have incriminated himself and thinking I'd forget about it.

He forgets who he is dealing with.

I send a short, sweet note to the team, requesting an update to the recess situation. A phone call follows, wherein I hear that Nic lost minutes off lunch recess today and yesterday for....chasing other kids around the yard, then yelling at his aide.

"Look," I tell her, "I have a really hard time doing the pull-through at home if you don't tell me these things the day they happen. He loses the computer for the rest of the week, but you all have to really have to keep me up to date if we are going to make the lessons of consequences stick." I said this or some variation of it three or four times, thinking that I shouldn't have to explain how consequences work.

I call hubby, update him, and have to break the news to Nic that he loses computer--again. He is not happy.

"You don't get to do whatever you want," I told him with finality. "The same rules that apply to everyone else apply to you, too--more so, because you have more people watching you, and higher expectations."

He impressed me. He didn't even say "it's not fair" once.

Because he knows better.

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