Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hope springs eternal

SO I just came in with the boys from the Saturday/Soccer/Swimming Scramble and found this note from the drama teacher waiting for me:

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you for going with the flow last night.
The first night is ALWAYS a challenge and we just get to know each other.
I believe that with the transition both Nic and G made after a while last evening, you will be given a break the week after next.
I truly do!

Not that you were begging for one, but I can see that Nic became
attached to Kathy very quickly and that G moved in nicely soon afterward.
Your sons are precious, God Bless them!

Let's have you stay for a little while next week and if it's ok with you,
why don't you hang out outside the classroom after a while and see what happens.

Terry and I had dinner after everyone left last night and discussed the art, the plan, etc. now that the surprise of 24 students is over...HA!

I believe that if we split up the children so they keep busy, we're going to be golden. God always has a plan and for that, I am very grateful. You won't believe how smooth it gets by the third week.

Take care! You're a wonderful mother, God Bless you!

And me for the record: it is stuff like this that keeps me from the edge of the abyss.

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