Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I had wished myself a normal day as I left the house early this morning.

What I got? A stand out, awesome, incredible, amazingly good day. You know, one of those days where if you dropped dead in the next 5 minutes, you'd be out on a high note.

I had the usual queue of work to handle when I arrived; called home to make sure the boys were up and answered a few emails. And then had back to back meetings.

Which all rocked. I am amazed at how much change I was able to influence either directly or indirectly over my short tenure--and how much more I can still help along. I carried some of the successes of that meeting into my boss--and passed him a baton, which felt pretty good, and that would have been awesome if that were all there was.

Actually, there was more; our team went to lunch for our monthly outing at a great sushi place nearby. I would have been happy going to a deli, but I was thrilled to go out for sushi.

"What's that?" One of my cohorts stared at my plate.

"Eel," I grinned. "Want some?"

She declined.

So if that weren't enough, we came back to a greeting from our collective new boss, who was thrilled to report that he had a glowing report from the Brand team about our work.

I was floating by this time. I stopped in his office and went just short of doing an end zone dance.

I head back to my desk, grinning ear to ear, because I haven't felt this level of success in literally years, and the pounding I have taken on behalf of both boys the last few weeks has left me desperately needing SOME indicator that I wasn't a complete loser. And here I had validation.....and one more piece came over email right before I left work:

Lunch recess today was a success! Nic played appropriately with his buddy and some other students. He seemed to enjoy playing football with the others. He was not interested in reading and wanted to continue playing the game.

Hello! Peer buddy? My idea. Only took two weeks, but they listened, implemented, and BAM, success.

Sushi, high marks, awesome day for Nic, I almost feel like I can die now.


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