Monday, September 13, 2010

This Wide World

I feel as though I have taken a can opener to my perspective.

We had a rough start to aftercare--Nic did, at any rate. On Tuesday, I told him if he gave me a better day Wednesday, we would go back to my old neighborhood for elevator adventures.

It's amazing how little it takes to get good behavior.

The original hegira I planned was simple; Toys R Us (because that's what G wanted to do) Sears, and the library. That is, until Nic noticed the top of the Macy's across a sea of one-story buildings.

"That's an outdoor mall, Nic," I told him, thinking that would be the end of it.

"An outdoor mall, cool!" Nic replied. "I've never seen that, before."

So we explored. It's easily been 20 something years since I've set foot in it. I pointed out some of the things that used to be there, things that have changed, but very little has stayed the same outside of the physical layout of the mall. I regaled both boys with stories about how I used to go the library on my own when I was Nic's age, as well as coming to the mall.

Nic looked at me doubtfully. "Grandmom lives a half mile down that road," I told him, pointing. "I used to walk and ride my bike up here all the time."

We walked along in silence. Then Nic asked. "Why don't we live in the city."

"Because the schools don't have what you need," I answered. "The schools where we live do."

He sighed. "Where we live is boring."

I have to agree.

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