Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stepping Outside My Box

Hubby steered me into walking my walk last night.

It all begins and ends with the ladies' neighborhood organization. When we first moved here 8 years ago, I waited for an invite that never came. By the time it came, I had found other things to do.

That is, until yesterday. Two of my neighbors extracted a promise from me on the bus stop on Monday that I would be there. I responded that hubby was my limiting factor; if he made it home, I would certainly be there.

Remarkably, hubby walked in a half hour before it started. And as we sat at the dining room table, I ticked off all the reasons I shouldn't go, ending with "and people will look at me and say, 'So, you're *their* mom'."

Shouldn't have gone there. Hubby smiled knowingly and said, "Well, then, that's your mission, isn't it?"

*sigh* I put on my game face and shoes and headed across the street.

I felt oddly like I was infiltrating enemy territory.

Taken for what it was, it was a nice evening; my neighbors genuinely seemed happy that I showed up, one caught me up with gossip from school (I told her she ought to be thankful she had a kid that talked about these things lol), and I established my territory in a corner of the room near the food to ensure I had a constant stream of people with whom to chitchat (that strategy worked well lol).

B's mom was there, to my surprise. Not to my surprise, she ignored me, but I pretended I didn't see her, either, and that worked out fine. I sneaked out early with two other neighbors, since we all had to be up working early, and we chatted a few more minutes before heading to our respective homes.

So, I'll sign up for this year, and see where it takes me. I think if nothing else it might strengthen a few ties I already have. There is much to be said for stepping outside of one's area of comfort, and just looking around the room last night, I am reminded how much the outlier I am--in so many ways.

In other parts of the forest, I am absolutely thrilled with Nic's teacher this year. She *gets* it. Priceless.

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