Sunday, September 19, 2010


Just got back from an overnight with my sister in law, who is the most awesome person on the planet. Can't say we did more than walk, talk, eat and sleep, but what an amazing time doing these things, catching up, taking in the sights and sounds of the shore, and looking ahead.

Talking through the past and present has an amazing way of putting the future in clear relief. Even mass in another parish was enlightening, although I miss Fr M and look forward being back in my own run and congregation next week.

Sitting in the backyard, trimming a bamboo shoot with thoughts of cane rods for both boys, SIL laughed at me while she tried to start her lawn mower. Fate decreed that she would do a quick and dirty once-over with the weed whacker. Simple joys in good company.

On to another week....and what a fun-filled, action-packed week it will be.....

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