Monday, September 6, 2010

Bouncing off that wall into a new week

Just got back from CampEmerge (Year 5) and think this was the best year ever. G had an awesome volunteer working with him, Nic was off riding his bike, climbing the rock wall, playing billiards and shuffleboard, and dad and I got to fish (although he made fun of my rig, which consisted of a spinning reel, bobber, swivel and a fly, it was effective: I caught three bass--two of them about 15 inches--and a pan-fish-sized pumpkin seed sunny).

I spent maybe a half hour after the group pic sitting on a swinging bench overlooking the pond when I saw a very big bird come gliding toward me over the pond. As it approached, I saw it was a red tail hawk and that it was going to glide right past me. And it did, passing less than 20 feet from where I sat, apparently unaware of me.

What a gorgeous bird. And a good omen for what's ahead.

I have to buckle down and write today, and finish up paperwork for the boys, and figure out the rest of this week, which is going to be crazy on a few levels.

For right now, I have to get the chicken finger production line going. The rest will sort itself out.

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