Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Swift-kicking Sherpa

I love my Sherpa.

Actually, she is one of two who guide me along in life. As it happens, both were out last week, but my onsite one has an awesome way of kicking sense into me and doing it with a smile and compassion. But she does it, just the same.

She helped me autopsy a couple situations today, work-related and otherwise. And of the work-related thing, she told me "you know, you're hanging onto this. You have to let it go."

I tend to perseverate on things without realizing it, so having an interested third party kick me in the pants is a good thing--and a gift.

I have some irons in the fire, and some connections I made over the last few months yield some good things. Nothing to lose, and everything to gain. I love that it's all happening now, in late August, typically such a grey time for me. So when Sherpa told me to let go, I heard not only the instance to which she referred, but everything else as well, including the strain of sorrow that has run through every August for the last 36 years.

So you know what? I am letting it all go.

And it feels pretty good.

Onward, upward, and thank God I can.

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