Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spirits in the Material World

The first pic was shot without flash; the second with.

Many shots we took in Yellowstone follow this pattern. The flash shots at dusk reflect dozens of globes, while the shots without are clear.

We did nothing to the lenses in between shots.

Agnostic hubby does not like when I talk about globes, and I can't be sure why. I do know that we had pretty intense globe activity at dusk around the thermal areas and on the river.

A few months ago, my friend C sat beside me at a task force meeting and said she liked my family's Christmas Eve photos on Facebook.

Then she chased it with this question: Do you have anyone in your family who has died?

I laughed. And gave her my list.

I had my laptop, so she asked me to pull up my pictures. And she showed me the globes--and I had noticed them and wondered about them.

The most interesting picture was the one with all 26 of us--mom, her five kids, their spouses, and 15 grandkids. And there was a globe where my father would have been sitting.

That took my breath away.

So when I see these images now, I wonder what--or who--it is I see...

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