Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I've made gratitude my attitude.

As my older son would say, I had a music note in a thought bubble over my head as I drove into work today, thinking about how relieved I was to get my various tasks done. I found I had even more reasons for gratitude when I arrived at the office; my Sherpa cleared my queue for me.

I bought her a coffee for her trouble, promising her a drink and some vintage clothes shopping before heading off to my meeting.

While I sat in my meeting, I actually spoke more today than I have in the previous two months' worth of meetings combined. My opinion and input matters. The reasons for happiness and gratitude just kept piling up.

Lunch with Sherpa tipped my happiness scales. I was just too gleeful for words by the time I left work.

I feel so fortunate to do something I like doing, am good at, and make decent money doing--especially in this economy. For as long as this gig lasts, I will be happy. And when it ends, I'll be glad I had the opportunity.

So when I came home, I applied my positive energy to cleaning my second floor. I began a bag for St. Vincent de Paul, recycled a bunch of things that were just collecting dust and taking up space, and outright threw out some things that were broken and that for some reason I couldn't bring myself to toss previously.

I went through the boys' artwork and culled. I went through hubby's reading material and culled. I went through closets and culled.

I am so over nostalgia.

I've conquered every room but hubby's office and the basement. But overall, the house is looking better than it has in a while.

The exterior, not so much, but I'll tackle one thing at a time. :)

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