Monday, June 21, 2010

Good stuff, aligning planets, the whole 9

In spite of the fact that my mouth is singing in pain (thanks to kettle corn in Strasburg that wasn't even good enough to merit the damage it did to my teeth) and that my sorry butt is going to get handed to me later today, I am in pretty good spirits.

We had a pretty packed weekend, with trips to the Comcast building, out to Strasburg, then Costco, shoe shopping and then MIL's birthday party. The kids start camp this week--hopefully it won't be too bad for either of them. Nic starts ESY in a week. I have stuff lining up and I am figuring out what to do about the rest of the summer. It will all fall into place, because it always does, and the more I trust in that, the better things tend to work out.

I am so, so very grateful for all the good stuff in our lives. I had a peaceful time at BIL's house, watching G on the swingset, talking to my niece and future niece-in-law, and thankfully oblivious to drama going on around me.

Ah, life is good. And quiet. Which means something is probably going to get upended at any moment. That's okay. Bring it. I'm ready.

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