Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cool Breezes

I wanted to write this last weekend and was way too distracted with everything else going on.

Just before I crashed out the first night of States, I lay on the bunk of my dorm, eyes closed, and the most beautiful cool breeze caressed my face as I drifted off to the most peaceful and rejuvenating sleep I had in years.

And I remember that I made a note to remember this feeling of complete and utter peace and appreciation.

Friday night, dusk: I am sitting on my front step, listening to a party a across the street, and a cool breeze across my face reminds me of a beautiful evening a week previous. The first lightning bugs of the evening glow and wink on my lawn.

I'm also thinking of my day with the boys, on our very special trip to the Comcast Building. The boys had a blast and enjoyed meeting my friend and her hubby....and maybe there will be other visits in their futures....IF they behave.

We really do have good people in our lives. I am grateful.

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