Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Think Again

I have heard plenty of stories about kids with IEPs told to stay home during standardized testing, the whole idea being that they will wreck the curve and funding by bringing down the score average of the school district.


Imagine my surprise when Nic's scores from last year's PSSAs showed up in my mailbox yesterday.

A quick tutorial for those not in the know; scoring breaks down into four levels: below basic, basic, proficient and advanced. SDs want scoring in the proficient range and above; it proves to all and sundry that they are at least teaching to the test.

(Which is why I exhort to all parents to do all sorts of extracurriculars by teaching in the larger classroom of the world, but anyway)

So, my Nic turned in a perfect score in data analysis and problem solving, and middling high to high scores in everything else.

Bottom line: proficient in both math and reading.

I have thereby earned the right to poke anyone in the eye who says that kids with IEPs bring down the testing curve. I'm willing to bet Nic had plenty an NT peer who did not perform so well.

Assume competence. Assume intelligence. Always.

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