Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So I had one of those questionnaires to fill out for Nic's teacher....

1. What are some character traits your child possesses? Why would you say your child has these traits?

He is easily frustrated because he blows up when he doesn't understand something. Yet, he is persistent because instead of walking away, he hangs in there and works on whatever is frustrating him until he gets it.

2. What are your child's interests inside and outside of school?

Poptropica, math, computers, reading, swimming, soccer, tennis, golf, Disney/Pixar movies, elevators, and history

3. What are your hopes and dreams for your child's coming year?

To make one good friend.

4. What should I know about your child for him or her to have a successful year?

If you expect great things from Nic, he will not disappoint.

If you expect nothing from Nic, he will not disappoint.



J said...

Totally random comment - You mentioned what I believe is a movie line in a blog from 2yrs ago. "Pack up the pineapple, the luau is over." Can you tell me where that line is from?


Elizabeth said...

Longer than that, J, it was Stuart Little, 1999!

Kimmber said...

Your "make one friend" about made me cry. I guess my kid is considered typical, but man I understand that wish very well.

I hope they both have amazing years.