Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Next Level

We're at the bottom rung, but we are definitely at the next level.

So far, so far. Nic is struggling with the whole concept that he and B both are allowed to sit with other kids on the bus and at lunch. I am impressed with his repertoire--he is sitting with different kids at lunch on different days. He has to get over 'having' to sit with B on the bus. (I worked a little 'social skills' into our bedtime reading last night).

So. G is doing fine with the transition to K; Nic is actually handling the demands of grade 4 pretty well--I'm not talking the academics so much as managing his 'stuff.' Could it be that some Executive Function skills are kicking in?

I have my own management stuff to handle, but I did the needful yesterday, now just have to settle into doing what's assigned me. I'll be busy into next month, and then I'll figure the rest out as I go.

The boys will, too.

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