Monday, September 7, 2009

Good Tired

So we finished the trifecta of city, shore and mountains with our annual pilgrimage to the mountains for CampEmerge, and since this is our fourth summer, we kind of know everyone by now. The boys had a blast, and Nic had a lot of fun playing with the numerous other 9-10 year old boys there.

They had a moon bounce for the first time this year, and G loved that.

We fished, biked, swam, paddle-boated, ran, hiked and played nonstop for two days. Now we're in clean-up mode, getting ready for the school year. Nic starts Wednesday, G has his last three days at preschool and starts K on Friday.

Am I stressing? I had a cup of coffee as I watched the sun rise over the Eastern Mountains yesterday am. I think I'm good.

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