Monday, March 23, 2009


Weekend was good, I unplugged, which I needed to do. I sat on the train and gave my situation a good hard going over and am faintly amazed that the reason why feel so overwhelmed is because I am. I have currently 3 open projects plus the part-time gig. Two end next Tuesday and the other drags on, probably won’t be done that until the end of next week.

Still and all, even if the one doesn’t use me again, we should be good until July, which is the farthest out I’ve been able to see since I left the guys four years ago—has it really been almost four years??

Weekend, well, Nic is done bball, and anyone would have been proud of him on Saturday. He was out to lunch the last quarter, but in the second, he played well—and showed his coach and teammates he ‘gets’ it. He surprised me, too. We all took a walk in the woods and found some snails for our fish tank, DH found some salamanders to show the kids, and G brought home a couple worms to put in our back yard (‘they are my friends!’)

He was up throwing up on Saturday night, but he seemed better yesterday.

Yesterday they boys helped me do some yard work. I got rid of three bags of clothes. Nic went food shopping with me. Made cookies and choc chip banana bread with the boys’ help.

Not bad, actually a pretty decent weekend. Now it's back to work and getting stuff done....again....

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