Saturday, March 28, 2009


I had a teacher in high school who was fond of saying "a guilty conscience needs no accuser."

I guess mine was poking me last night in my dreams. Had a very odd dream where Fr. M became furious with me. I have never seen this man so angry (although there is no doubt in my mind he is capable). I was sitting here working on my article when the dream came back to me.

It was not a good one.

Then I realized I hadn't sent the lector schedule, even though I made it up earlier in the week. He'd never get mad at me over that (he did get angry over something else, and as it happens, it was a misunderstanding, but one that I was not given an opportunity to clear up).

Maybe it was a warning to NOT do something? Had I planned to do anything?

I make my own head hurt.

Back to the article.

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