Friday, March 27, 2009

quick n dirty post

All right, in the home stretch--on deck is drafts of two articles to finish and submit today, 273 more pages to edit by Wednesday (that's my hard stop--I want this done), and of course I have to go up to the camp later.

Also, looks like I'll have to meet with Nic's teacher. He was practicing his 'Disney' cursive while everyone else was working on their projects. I have to see if he is really deserving of his grades, as I am now concerned with grade inflation.

Funny, most parents would be thrilled if their kids got the grades Nic got. They don't mean a thing if he is not earning them.


We're going to my niece's track meet tomorrow so Nic can see what it's about in advance of his first practice next week. G starts T-ball next week, so I have to make sure I can find a right-handed glove for my little southpaw.

And I still have to finish the TOPSoccer aps for both boys. I think I am going to just fill out the Word Doc and email....

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