Saturday, February 19, 2011

In the Presence of Hard Data

Three months later, we receive the evaluations of both boys. I'll share these with the relevant folk next week.

The good news is that the data backs what I already know; there is absolutely nothing in either report that I don't already know about my boys.

The bad news? The plain and simple reality that my kids function at a social play level of 3 year olds (3.7 for the elder, 3.1 for the younger).

In my blackest moments I wonder how either of them are going to survive; in my more enlightened moments, I remind myself we all have issues, obstacles and challenges to overcome.

Sometimes, the hard data, while useful in its own way, fails to account for all of the skills and intelligence that may not necessarily be quantifiable. Nevertheless, it indicates all the areas we need to be working harder on.

At what point, I wonder, do my efforts become enough? Or do I ever get there?


Ruth K. Landsman said...

Whatever you CAN do at any given moment is enough and the teaching (and learning) never stops! Keep noticing the things that standardized testing cannot pick up. They are the most critical things that will carry your guys through as they continue to learn and grow!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Ruth. I know there's more to it than the data, but the data is what I need to get the other stuff I need done, but still, the ouch factor that goes with the data never seems to go away, does it?

Elizabeth said...

And, playing a game we picked up at 2nd Avenue today with my younger son, I want to dispute their findings--I think his play skills are better developed than his older brothers. I would put him at 5 or 6....